KEN CARTER – President & CEO
Phone: +1 630.250.3100 x101 | Email: ken.carter@integritysci.com

Ken Carter, President & CEO of INTEGRITY, brings with him more than 32 years of industry experience helping clients with their risk management, security, and investigative needs. Ken is responsible for the overall strategy of the organization and has worked to share INTEGRITY‘s vision and mission with customers, “To be a trusted partner to clients worldwide.” and “To protect our clients: people, property and profits.” Under Ken’s leadership he demonstrates and emphasizes the importance of utilizing the highest level of integrity with all client interactions, therefore it is our name and one of our values: “INTEGRITY: The company name reflects our commitment to performing at the highest of ethical standards and exhibiting honesty and fairness in every action we take.”

Ken brings to INTEGRITY a criminal justice background and throughout his career he has helped clients with needs ranging from general investigations to more complex investigations. As no two investigations are the same, Ken knows the importance of working with a client to gather the facts prior to starting the investigation, as these facts determine the best solutions to be offered and direction the investigation will take. Beyond investigations Ken has experience in security, workplace violence, surveillance, interviewing, and litigation support. Ken also has extensive disaster recovery experience having established and operated a command center with responsibility for overall recovery operations following two natural disasters, helping clients secure and protect their people and properties.


DOUG CUNNINGHAM – Vice President | Operations
Phone: +1 630.250.3100 x102 | Email: doug.cunningham@integritysci.com

As Vice President of Operations in the Central US, Doug Cunningham provides direction and oversight for the company’s field operations, working with clients and their risk management, security, and investigative needs. With over 32 years of industry experience, Doug’s goal is to provide clients with solutions and options to the issues they are currently facing, and he accomplishes this by creating strong relationships with each client. Teamwork extends to the client relationship and is one of INTEGRITY‘s values: “TEAMWORK: We work collaboratively to develop and maintain productive working relationships with all of our clients.”

In addition to Operations experience, Doug brings to INTEGRITY a criminal justice background and has extensive knowledge in the areas of security, investigations, workplace violence, interview/interrogation, surveillance, background investigations and litigation support. During Doug’s career he has consulted with clients of all sizes concerning workplace violence and protection matters, and has personally handled hundreds of such incidents for company executives, employees, as well as celebrities. Doug’s background also includes involvement with security for the Democratic National Convention and time with the United States Federal Magistrates office in Kalamazoo.


THOMAS HUTCHINS – Vice President | Operations
Phone: +1 630.250.3100 x106 | Email: thomas.hutchins@integritysci.com

As Vice President of Operations in the Southeast US, Thomas Hutchins brings over 32 years of industry experience to the Integrity team. Thomas believes in the core values at INTEGRITY and has the goal of providing clients with solutions and options to the security related issues they may face. In addition to Operations experience, Thomas brings extensive knowledge in the areas of security planning, investigations, workplace violence, interviewing, and surveillance. Thomas has consulted with clients across all industries concerning protective services during times of unrest and natural disasters. Thomas has personally managed hundreds of projects where the security and safety of company executives and employees was paramount.


BETH (VAN BIBBER) SAWINSKI – Director | Client Relations
Phone: +1 630.250.3100 x103 | Email: beth.sawinski@integritysci.com

As Director of Client Relations, Beth Sawinski understands the importance of extending the client relationship beyond simply providing solutions and services. With over 26 years experience in providing outstanding customer support, Beth is attentive to the needs of each client from the initial on-boarding process and continuing for the duration of the client relationship. This level of client support is one of INTEGRITY‘s values: “SERVICE: We are dedicated to delivering the best possible service and honoring the commitments we make.”

In addition to Client Relations, Beth brings to INTEGRITY a criminal justice background with a working history as a Deputy Court Clerk and Pre-Trial Services Investigator, responsible for processing defendants with pending criminal matters and conducting court ordered background investigations on in-custody defendants. Beth also has extensive history in conducting corporate executive-level due diligence and pre-employment background screenings.